The European State Forest Association

The European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) represents commercially-oriented state forest companies, enterprises and agencies that have sustainable forest management (SFM) and sustainable wood production as major concerns.

The Association currently has 34 members in 24 European countries.

European Forest-Based stakeholders team up to empower consumers for a carbon-neutral European society

In light of the climate crisis, the European Forest-Based Industries (FBI), including the pulp, paper and other fibre-based product industries, the woodworking industries, the producers of furniture, the bio-energy sector and the printing industry, have come together to present their vision of the European society in 2050 and the essential role that they can play, delivering on the carbon neutrality goal. By 2050, FBI will provide the most competitive and sustainable net-zero carbon solutions...

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What values do forests create for their owners and society?

European land owners’ and managers’ survey on innovations for forest ecosystem services Dear members, help us to map ecosystem services - benefits that your forests are providing to society by answering a questionnaire in which you can also comment on any problems that you might have from creating an income from these benefits. The survey is a joint effort by two European Union Horizon 2020 funded innovation projects (SINCERE and InnoForESt). This European-wide survey is meant to identify ...

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Warm welcome to Junta de Castilla y León as EUSTAFOR’s newest member and congratulates to Associazione Nazionale delle Attività Regionali Forestali on becoming a voting member

EUSTAFOR is pleased to announce that Dirección General del Medio Natural - Junta de Castilla y León from Spain became the newest member of our association as of 1 June 2019. The region of Castilla y León is one of the largest European regions and preserves an extraordinary richness of forests and biodiversity. Public forests, mostly owned by municipalities and other local entities, occupy around 2,5 million hectares, which is 50% of the forest and other wooded land area. According t...

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Enhanced EU Forest Strategy is needed to enable multifunctional forests' input to the objectives of a European Green Deal

European forests and the forest-based sector welcome the political guidelines of the President-elect of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen which aim to ensure the EU’s transition to a climate-neutral continent by 2050. An updated EU Forest Strategy is needed, alongside the EU Biodiversity Strategy towards 2030, to give appropriate recognition of multifunctional European forests as a part of the European Green Deal. The roles of forests and forestry extend well beyond carbon n...

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