The European State Forest Association

The European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) represents state forest companies, enterprises and agencies that have sustainable forest management (SFM) and sustainable wood production as major concerns.

The Association currently has 39 members in 27 European countries.


#ResponsibleForestry campaign


Council and Parliament agree to establish an EU carbon removals certification framework

The Council and Parliament have reached an agreement to establish the first EU carbon removals certification framework. The framework is intended to facilitate and speed up the deployment of high-quality carbon removal and soil emission reduction activities in the EU and composes permanent carbon removals, carbon farming and carbon storage in products. The regulation differentiates between four types of units: permanent carbon removal (storing atmospheric or biogenic carbon for several ...

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EUSTAFOR's involvement in SUPERB and EUFORE projects

EUSTAFOR is still active as subcontractor in the SUPERB project, Europe’s largest cross-border Horizon 2020 project with a budget of around € 20 million. The goal of this 4-year project is to create an enabling environment for, and demonstration of, large-scale restoration of forests and forest landscapes across Europe. In October, the SUPERB Restoration Project Festival took place in Milan. Our Bosnian EUSTAFOR member Hercegbosanske šume participated and presented their efforts of deminin...

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EUSTAFOR continues to expand its member base

Only a month after the announcement of Moldsilva's membership, EUSTAFOR is delighted to announce that yet another State Forest Organisation has joined our association! HessenForst's membership was unanimously approved during last weeks ExCom meeting. This brings EUSTAFOR up to 39 members in 27 countries, the largest our organization has ever been. HessenForst is the State Forestry Organization in Hessen, a central German state known for its forests. Circa 42% of the states land area is cover...

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consultation on the proposal for updated eu forest governance structure still open

On 28 November, the European Commission opened the consultation on the proposal for an updated EU forest governance structure. The feedback period for this consultation is open until 23 February 2024. The two relevant structures are the Standing Forestry Committee (SFC, founded in 1989) and the Working Group Forest and Nature (2019). EUSTAFOR is only actively involved with the Working Group Forest and Nature, as the SFC is directly attended by member state representatives. The Commission p...

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