The European State Forest Association

The European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) represents state forest companies, enterprises and agencies that have sustainable forest management (SFM) and sustainable wood production as major concerns.

The Association currently has 36 members in 25 European countries.


#ResponsibleForestry campaign


EUSTAFOR observations on the newly agreed EU Deforestation Law

Without global commitment and dully verified data, EU Regulation on deforestation and forest degradation set to have a very limited impact The FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) 2020 estimated that 420 million ha of forest was deforested between 1990 and 2020, with the highest net losses in South America and Africa, while Europe and parts of Asia experienced net gains. Furthermore, the newly agreed text for the proposal for a Regulation on deforestation and forest degradation notes ...

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Job opening - Communications and Policy Officer to join the EUSTAFOR team

EUSTAFOR’s Communications & Policy Officer will be responsible for mixed scope of tasks in the field of Communications and forest-related policy. He/she will closely cooperate with EUSTAFOR’s Executive Director and Policy Advisor. The successful candidate must have a good understanding of the forest-based sector and be able to understand and communicate efficiently with the European institutions, relevant forestry and forest-sector stakeholders, industry associations and confederatio...

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EUSTAFOR contributes to the public consultation on forest monitoring

The aim of this initiative is to develop an EU-wide forest observation framework to provide open access to detailed, accurate, regular and timely information on the condition and management of EU forests, and on the many products and ecosystem services that forests provide. The measure was announced in the EU Forest Strategy as one of the actions to improve strategic forest monitoring, reporting and data collection. The initiative is crucial for the future of forests and their management in...

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Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) communication campaign in Castilla-La Mancha

As a part of its commitments, Castilla-La Mancha’s Regional Government aims to revitalize and highlight how pivotal forest sector is in one of the largest and most depopulated regions in Europe. To address this issue, #GestionForestalCLM campaign has been raised. This campaign consists of a series of 6 videos on different topics in Castilla-La Mancha’s SFM regional sector, sharing multifunctionality of forests and bioeconomy in rural areas as the two main principles.  The campaign is ...

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