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Responsibly managing Europe’s most precious resource

Forestry professionals across Europe have embraced the multifunctionality of forests and manage their forests to deliver multiple benefits. This multifunctionality approach, driven by sustainability should guide all forest policies, supporting the development of a new European bioeconomy, delivering ecosystem services and pivoting the European market towards a new and correct post-fossil economy.  We therefore call for forest-related policies to recognise and safeguard the multiple functions of forests and balance the different priorities within the sector.

The challenge of prioritising, balancing and delivering different needs from the forests of Europe is high. The faster we work together to create a united and sustainable vision, supported by policy, the better the results will be for everyone.

#ResponsibleForestry represents the European state forests’ understanding on how to manage forests for a future-fit Europe.

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Video – “Sustainable Forest Management 101”


How do European foresters implement forest management on the ground?

State foresters are the interface between the states and regions who own Europe’s public forests, the citizens who enjoy them, and the forest-based value chain on which the bioeconomy depends.

Through the #ResponsibleForestry campaign, forest experts are working to build public and political awareness about the benefits of forests, while also ensuring a proper understanding of the challenges they are facing and the reasons why different types of silvicultural operations are undertaken on the ground.

It is the work of European state foresters to implement Sustainable Forest Management on a regional, national but also European level. Before EU forest-related policies are decided, therefore, it is first essential to understand what can and cannot be done in practice. This is why forest managers must be included in the discussion and development of EU forest-related policies.

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Video – “Our missions as state foresters”






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Mr. Roberto Stelstra

Communications & Policy Officer

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