Vision and Mission

EUSTAFOR – Strong Voice for Sustainability and Use of Forest Resources

EUSTAFOR is recognized as a strong and well-coordinated voice of European state forest management organizations at EU and pan-European level.

EUSTAFOR member organizations provide valuable, professional and experience-based knowledge about the sustainable and multifunctional management of state-owned forests in order to support the European forestry-relevant policy objectives.

EUSTAFOR shares the pan-European definition and principles of sustainable forest management developed by FOREST EUROPE  as well as the objectives and guiding principles of the EU Forest Strategy.

EUSTAFOR serves as a common platform for its members to share experiences and to learn from each other. As a forum for European state forest management organizations, EUSTAFOR advocates the positive results of the management of state forests as a contribution to society, particularly in terms of achieving European sustainability strategies.

EUSTAFOR promotes the active use of forest resources, which enables the provision of a wide array of renewable raw materials and related ecosystem services as a relevant basis for the bio-based economy.


The Association currently has 39 members from across Europe

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