#ForestBiodiversity – A new platform to show how sustainable forest management supports biodiversity preservation

“Listen to EU forest stewards, understand their actions on the ground, learn from their experience, and go beyond the clichés!” In a few words, this is the message of the new awareness campaign #ForestBiodiversity launched today in Brussels by 6 associations representing the European Forest-based Sector.

As the debate around the biodiversity and forest strategies has never been so high on the agenda, this joint initiative gives the floor to European forest owners and managers through a series of videos available on the dedicated platform forestbiodiversity.eu. The interviews concretely show that behind the concept of sustainable forest management, special attention is given to biodiversity preservation and climate adaptation- two essential objectives for the forest owners and managers when managing forests.

Sustainable forest management provides a balance between biodiversity preservation, climate protection and socio-economic viability that local players, forest owners and managers, ensure on a daily basis. This multidimensionality in forest management is sometimes misunderstood.

Well managed forests have the capacity to remain a home for biodiversity in times of natural disturbances and changing climate. Well managed forests have the capacity to foster a greater amount of CO2 and increase carbon storage in forests and wood products as well as substituting for fossil-based materials and energy. Well managed forests have the capacity to be the first link in a value chain that provides nearly 4 million green European jobs while also offering preserved spaces for all. Only resilient and healthy forests can continue to deliver multiple ecosystem services, including biodiversity preservation.

Conservation and enhancement of biodiversity are at the heart of sustainable forest management.

To watch the latest video, please click HERE.

For more videos and information about the campaign, please visit its webpage.

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