State Forests of Saxony joins EUSTAFOR!

Sachsenforst (State Forests of Saxony) has recently joined EUSTAFOR. In the Free State of Saxony, forests cover more than 520.000 hectares (28 %) of the land area. The state-owned enterprise Sachsenforst, founded on 1 January 2006, is part of the Saxon public administration as a special superior state authority. It signs responsible for the multifunctional, sustainable management of the forest areas of Saxony (520.000 hectares) and it directly manages around 200.000 hectares of state forests and the three major nature reserves such as the National Park “Sächsische Schweiz” or the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft”. Additionally, it pursues forest-related research, provides advice and support to more than 74.000 corporate and private forest owners, takes responsibility in environmental education and serves as the upper forest and hunting authority.

Sachsenforst employs about 1.400 people, of which 1.100 are educated foresters and forest workers. Sachsenforst harvests about 1.1 million m³ of timber every year. The tree species composition of Saxony’s state forest is historically dominated by Spruce and Pine. Currently, the forest in Saxony is characterized by conifers. Over 2/3 of the trees in the forest are conifers, predominantly spruce and pine. Oak has a share of 6%, Beech of 6,5 %. Since this artificial development made Saxony’s forest ecosystems instable and vulnerable, Sachsenforst operates a long – term forest conversion program which includes the introduction of site adapted tree species such as oaks, beech and white fir.

Welcome, Sachsenforst!

Published 16/01/2017

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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