Don’t miss Kupres 2017 Conference

Herzegbosnian Forests and EUSTAFOR invite you to Kupres 2017

The upcoming Kupres 2017 Conference is dedicated to “Forestry and the need for sector education in the EU integration process of Bosnia&Herzegovina”. It will be held on 9-10 February, 2017 in Kupres.

Herzegbosnian Forests (EUSTAFOR member) is the main organiser of the Conference. EUSTAFOR supports the event and Piotr Borkowski (EUSTAFOR Executive Director) will deliver a talk on the EU Policy landscape in relation to forestry with a focus on the EU Clean Energy package.

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Aim of the conference is to encourage forestry and wood processing sector in the SE European countries to improve their business through additional training of personnel, exchange of knowledge, application of new technologies, economic solutions and greater use of EU funds. Except the topics on education, the program will include an overview of Europe’s best forestry practices, environmental and market trends, prices of wood and wood assortments, realization of capital investments in the sector and topics about biomass and energy from wood.

Two-day meetingis intended for companies in forestry and wood processing, technology suppliers, local governments, national and international institutions, academia, international investors, and other involved in forestry sector and wood processing.

Published 17/01/2017

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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