European State Forests Boost the Bioeconomy

The European State Forest Association published a new booklet: “European State Forests Boost the Bioeconomy” to share state forests’ vision of the bioeconomy and explain the potential of European state forests to contribute to the development of this recent economic concept in the EU. European State Forest Management Organizations, members of EUSTAFOR, can serve as reliable partners in achieving the goals set out by the European Union to build a competitive, resource efficient and low-carbon economy. In addition to the significant contribution Europe’s forests already make to the economy, there remains a huge potential for more innovation and growth throughout the forest-based sector.


“This booklet is a short guide on how European state forests can play a significant part in developing both a greener, smarter, more efficient and inclusive European bioeconomy and a bio-based circular economy, using our available resources responsibly and efficiently for the sake of current and future generations,” states Per-Olof Wedin, President of EUSTAFOR.
The publication is the first outcome of EUSTAFOR’s internal Working Group on the Bioeconomy that brings together experts from 10 of EUSTAFOR’s member organizations and its Head Office in Brussels. The booklet was published in April 2016, on the occasion of EUSTAFOR’s 10th anniversary celebrations which took place in Brussels.

Paper copies of the booklet are available from EUSTAFOR’s Brussels office. You can also download the PDF version of the booklet along with EUSTAFOR’s other publications, which can be found in the “Library” section of EUSTAFOR’s new website:

Published 26/04/2016, Brussels

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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