The Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU

After Sweden, it is now Spain´s turn to be Chair of the European Council for the second half of 2023, with Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) as head of state. Monday 3 June 2023 they officially took over the Chair from Sweden. In the coming 18-month period, they will closely collaborate within the trio Spain, Belgium and Hungary.

Spain´s priorities for the next term are:

  1. To promote Europe´s industrialization and digitalization
  2. To make decisive progress on ecological transition
  3. Make the economy prosperous and fairer
  4. Strengthen the European unity

The priority with the most effect on the forestry sector will be their aim to make decisive progress on ecological transition. More specifically, the Spanish Presidency wants to promote a reform of the energy market aimed at accelerating the use of renewable energies, without specifying which types. Furthermore, they want to promote the design of sustainable products and the generation of green fuels.

As the Nature Restoration Law is still an ongoing process with tied votes and hard negotiations, it is likely that this will be the main topic that this council can influence. In the coming months, multiple Agriculture & Fisheries Council are on the agenda, as well as Environmental Councils.

Published 03/07/2023

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