European Forest-Based stakeholders team up to empower consumers for a carbon-neutral European society

In light of the climate crisis, the European Forest-Based Industries (FBI), including the pulp, paper and other fibre-based product industries, the woodworking industries, the producers of furniture, the bio-energy sector and the printing industry, have come together to present their vision of the European society in 2050 and the essential role that they can play, delivering on the carbon neutrality goal.

By 2050, FBI will provide the most competitive and sustainable net-zero carbon solutions by:

  • substituting CO2-intensive raw materials and fossil energy with forest-based alternatives;
  • eradicating waste and boosting recycling with a sector target of at least 90% material collection and 70% recycling rate for all wood-based products;
  • driving resource efficiency and enhancing productivity in all areas including materials, manufacturing and logistics.

European forest managers and forest owners as well as other stakeholders actively participated in the development of the 2050 vision in a view to:

  • responding to the increasing demand for raw materials by ensuring primary raw material supply from sustainably managed forests;
  • satisfying the growing demand for climate-friendly products by increasing the use of wood and wood-based products in our daily lives.


Published 18/11/2019, Brussels

Diem Tran

Communications Officer
  • +32 (0) 2 239 23 00

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