ONF Seminar “Forest Fires, a growing risk due to Climate Change” – Follow-up

The EUSTAFOR seminar on “Forest Fires, a growing risk due to Climate Change” organised by ONF was held on 26-27 April 2017 in France. The workshop has registered a relevant participation by EUSTAFOR members and other partners and stakeholders.

The first half-day of the workshop consisted in a field trip (area of Manosque) for a presentation of ONF activities related to forest fires about staff specialized on protecting forests against fires, surveillance patrol, and field equipment.

The second half-day consisted in an intense seminar about the evolution on the increasing areas of fire risk due to the effects of climate change with a number of interesting presentations by Yan BOULANGER (Canadian Forest Service), Jesus SAN MIGUEL (Joint Research Centre – European Commission, Italy), Michel VENNETIER(IRSTEA, France) and Thomas CURT (INRA, France), and the showcase from EUSTAFOR members:

  • Italy – ANARF – Agenzia Forestas & National Research Council, Sassari University & Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (Sara MALTONI, Antonio CASULA, Vittorio MOLE, Cristina PILO, Michele SALIS)
  • Poland –  State Forest of Poland & Forest Research Institute of Poland (Jan KACZMAROWSKIBartłomiej KOLAKOWSKI)
  • Sweden – SVEASKOG (Olof JOHANSSON)
  • France – ONF (Yvon DUCHE)

The third half-day consisted in a second field visit (area Bouches-du-Rhône) about the effect of the fire in Rognac during summer 2016, the way to manage fire in the interface forest-habitation, the Emergency measures after fire to prevent related risks, and the rehabilitation areas after fire.

Materials and pictures are available at this link (intranet).

Published 05/05/2017

Ms Pauline Camus

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

Dr. Salvatore Martire

Policy Advisor

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