Joint statement: Draft Renewable Energy Directive Revision: Improper Sustainability Framework for Forest Biomass Could Challenge the EU’s Renewable Energy Ambitions and Harm the Rural Economy

Following the leak of the draft RED II revision, EUSTAFOR, jointly with 6 other organizations published a statement to encourage the European Commission to adopt a workable proposal based on a solid impact assessment.

“The current proposed revision of the REDII sustainability criteria comes at a time when the transposition of the 2018 recast Directive has yet to be completed by most Member States. Delays in the adoption of the Operational Guidance for forest biomass and other secondary legislation, leave the sector increasingly concerned about the utter lack of clarity surrounding the regulatory environment on the EU’s most important source of renewable energy.”

“Revising the current criteria prior to their implementation has the potential to freeze investment and to undermine investor confidence which will severely delay the decarbonisation of the European energy sector.”

4 key points are developed by the organizations:

  1. Improper regulation of cascading principle may inadvertently cause the raw material market distortion it seeks to prevent
  2. Involve Member States in discussing no-go area for forest biomass
  3. Avoid retroactive measures
  4. A long-term perspective is necessary to deliver the growth projected by the European Commission

Read the full joint statement here.


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