FAO coordinates support programme for the support of Ukraine’s forestry sector

The 2nd International Stakeholders and Donors Conference took place on 26-27 March 2024 in Prague, Czech Republic. The event was hosted by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture of the Government and the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Science of the Czech University, and was facilitated by FAO Ukraine. More than 60 participants from European countries, international organizations and stakeholders participated in the event in person and online.

The main objective is to continue dialogue with partners and foster their engagement in supporting Ukraine’s forestry sector in their efforts of increasing forests resilience, halting deforestation and forest degradation and enhancing the sustainable use of forests to improve forest-based livelihood. Moreover, the Conference informed the attendees of the extent of damages incurred, rehabilitation plans, and provided a platform to deliberate on the environmental concerns both at the local and the regional levels with opportunities for collaboration.
Organisation of the event also coincided with the theme of the IDF 2024, innovation.

The Executive Director represented EUSTAFOR at the event and informed about European state forests engagement in supporting and developing cooperation with the State Forest Enterprise “Forests of Ukraine”, who has been an Associated Member of EUSTAFOR since 2022.

The final agenda and related concept note prepared by FAO together with copy of the FAO Forest Support Strategy for Ukraine, as well as presentations delivered at the event can be found attached to this post.


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