Sustainable management of state forests highly promoted this spring

In addition to its participation “Forest City Project” (see above) EUSTAFOR contributed to the spring issue of Revolve Magazine, publishing an article which explains the sustainable and multifunctional forest management practiced in European state forests. The article’s title “Managing European Forests Responsibly – for People, Climate and Nature” was also the title of EUSTAFAOR’s 10th anniversary events organized in the European Parliament during the 1st week of April.

The article focuses on explaining the economic, environmental and social values offered to the European societies by sustainably managed state forests. In particular, the role of forests in the mitigation of climate change, the contribution of state forests to the European bioeconomy and how important Europe’s state forests are for biodiversity were explained.

The entire spring issue of REVOLVE Magazine, including EUSTAFOR’s article (page 10), is available online here.


Published 22/03/2016, Brussels

Mr. Gerd Thomsen

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