New EUSTAFOR Strategy 2022-2026 adopted by General Assembly


Brussels, 09 March 2022

New EUSTAFOR Strategy 2022-2026:
Strategic challenges, strategic objectives and success factors for the future

Today, the EUSTAFOR General Assembly 2022 approved the new EUSTAFOR Strategy 2022-2026. The new strategy is set to respond to the current and upcoming forest-related policy developments and societal demands. It combines challenges and opportunities identified by member organizations of EUSTAFOR in meeting state forests’ strategic objectives and defines measures to be taken in the years to come. EUSTAFOR’s newly endorsed statutes will also facilitate reaching the objectives of the new strategy.

The objectives and responsibilities of European State Forest Management Organizations (SFMOs) are framed in the context of forest-related policy instruments, strategies, institutions, processes, legal requirements, initiatives and societal developments. As a consequence, in addition to the environmental challenges, SFMOs – members of EUSTAFOR – are facing multiple political, societal, and economic demands.

“The current political situation in Europe, in particular, shows us how important sustainable forestry, timber use – also for energy – and the strengthening of regional value chains are. SFMOs play an important role in this and are part of the solution in terms of climate change and biodiversity conservation,” says Reinhardt Neft, President of EUSTAFOR.

For the upcoming five years, EUSTAFOR’s strategic agenda will focus on the following policy areas:

  1. Climate change impacts on European state forests and their management – balancing mitigation and adaptation requirements;
  2. Sustainable bio-based circular economy;
  3. Multifunctional forestry as a preferred model to ensure economic, social and environmental benefits in Europe;
  4. Biodiversity, including protected area management.

The above-mentioned policy areas will be addressed via different strategic action themes, including knowledge sharing, communication, outreach and influence, and building synergies and networking. Multiple actions will follow to implement this new strategy. They will be announced through existing and new communication channels, including the #ResponsibleForestry campaign, to start soon.

Currently, under the umbrella of EUSTAFOR, 36 members in 25 European countries sustainably manage 49 million ha of forests and significantly contribute to society, by delivering the multiple benefits of forestry to the bioeconomy, climate, nature and recreation. With the new EUSTAFOR Strategy and the knowledge, expertise & experience of around 100.000 employees, EUSTAFOR member organizations are determined to remain leaders in the sustainable management of forests.

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Published 09/03/2022

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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