SINCERE Talks#2: Towards an EU policy framework for forest ecosystem services

The SINCERE Talks webinar series continues with an insightful debate on the changing policy framework at EU level for forest ecosystem services, organized jointly with the European Network Integrate. In the second in the SINCERE Talks series, a diverse expert panel discussed implications for the provision of forest ecosystem services (FES) in the light of these new policies. In the online debate, organized jointly by the SINCERE project and European Integrate Network, policymakers, practitioners, researchers and conservationists came together to consider how the future policy framework might increase the resilience and sustainability of Europe’s forests and how new legislation might affect people working with forest ecosystem services in practice.

EUSTAFOR’s Executive Director, Piotr Borkowski, spoke in a panel of EU policymakers and forest stakeholders who looked ahead to what 2021 can do for forests, people and the economy. Speakers are confirmed from both DG ENV and DG AGRI.

The panellists also shared “Christmas wishes” for the upcoming EU Forest Strategy. These included a proper evaluation of what is required to protect FES, more flexibility for member states and forest managers, a review of the renewable energy directive, restoration targets for Europe’s forests, a vision for a just transition for forestry in Europe and stakeholder involvement in the strategy development. Several questions were left unanswered, paving the way for a continuation of the discussion next year.

More details from the panel discussions can be sought under this link.

Published 07/12/2020, Brussels

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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