Let’s build a future-fit Europe together! – EUSTAFOR’s Messages to European Policymakers

EUSTAFOR addresses the new EU Commission and the European Parliament’s Members with messages presenting the views of the European state forest management organisations regarding the future role of forests in light of the European Green Deal published on 11 December 2019 by the European Commission.

The message package highlights four key issues which deserve the European policy and decision makers’ attention when developing new policies and legislation to support the future European Green Deal:

  • Sustainable and multi-purpose forestry is a pan-European story
  • Climate-fit Europe means not only mitigation, but also adaptation
  • A home for biodiversity
  • Use wood! Boost the bioeconomy! Defossilize Europe!

EUSTAFOR is deeply convinced that the main tool to integrate European forests and the forest-based sector into the Green Deal should be a robust EU Forest Strategy post-2020, as it provides a framework for a consistent and well-coordinated action at EU level.

Furthermore, EUSTAFOR underlines the relevance of state forests’ experiences for the broad spectrum of issues encompassed by the European Greed Deal, such as climate neutrality, biodiversity and a growing circular bioeconomy. The future of European forests – with their long life cycle – depends on the political and managerial decisions that are made today. With its knowledge and expertise, EUSTAFOR believes that the association can actively contribute to a comprehensive understanding of how Europe’s forests can help to accomplish the multiple ambitions of the European Green Deal.

Together with the letter, a new EUSTAFOR information leaflet was attached to the message package in order to provide more information about the multiple functions of EU forests, the significant role of sustainable forest management and EUSTAFOR’s strategic objectives for 2019 – 2021.


Published 20/12/2019

Diem Tran

Communications Officer
  • +32 (0) 2 239 23 00

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