Hercegbosanske Šume presents demining project at SUPERB Restoration Festival

This years edition of the SUPERB Restoration Project Festival took place in Milan. Several EUSTAFOR members showed interest, and eventually our Bosnian members were selected by the organization to present their demining projects at the event.

The hybrid event consisted of workshops and brake-out sessions, where all participants had the opportunity to present their best practices and share knowledge and experience. Marijan Lozančić, CEO consultant for Forestry at Hercegbosanske šume, showed the other participants the impact of the mines left in the Bosnian Forests after the wars of the 90’s, and how their organization restores these forests. For more information on how they manage to do that, see this EUSTAFOR article.

As part of the festival, a competition for the best photo/video was organized, where the winning video/photo was decided by voting. The Bosnian drone video on removal of landmines ended up receiving the most votes from the other  participants and got first prize. The prize is publication of the project on the official website of the European Forestry Institute (EFI).

Hopefully this will result in further awareness within the EU of the challenges that war-affected countries still face in today’s forestry operations.

Published 05/12/2023, Brussels

Mr. Roberto Stelstra

Communications & Policy Officer

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