SUPERB Restoration Project Festival

The Prospex Institute is organizing the SUPERB Restoration Project Festival, and is inviting forestry experts to join them online. The festival will take place on 20-22 November 2023 CET, in Milan (Italy) and online. As it is an open festival, all are welcome to attend the full online programme or to register for specific sessions of interest.

Hercegbosanske Šume will be present in Milan to share their experiences with demining projects in the Bosnian state forests.

SUPERB is a Horizon 2020 research and innovation project, launched by the Europe Commission and led by the European Forest Institute (EFI). The SUPERB Restoration Project Festival will be a opportunity for European forest restoration specialists to come together to:

  • Contribute to forging a common pool of effective forest restoration solutions and making them available across Europe.
  • Hear from innovative approaches and initiatives in this field.
  • Join a growing network for knowledge sharing and cooperation for forest restoration practitioners that is being built by SUPERB.

During the event, invitees will be able to make their input together with representatives of around 40 other European forest restoration initiatives. Participants will also be invited to join the SUPERB LinkedIn group that will be created for the festival’s participants to continue their collaboration.

Most of the festival’s sessions are hybrid, and the highlights include:

  • Kick-off keynote on success stories of innovative funding and long-term-continuity, with speakers from the FAGUS Life+ project and the Forest Biodiversity Programme METSO.
  • ‘Jam sessions’ in small groups for sharing restoration best practices and drawing common insights and ideas on key topics for forest restoration, with a related plenary.
  • ‘Stories for impact’ – signature workshop by the EFI where you will learn hands-on how to use the power of story as a tool for public engagement and collaboration.

The planning for the different sessions can be found in the agenda attached.

To participate, please register for the sessions of your choice using this form, by Thursday 9 November.

SUPERB agenda

20/11/2023 - 22/11/2023

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