The Coherence Between Forest-Related Policies in the EU: The role of the EU Forest Strategy

Lunch time (10.30 – 14.00 hrs) Round Table Debate at the European Forestry House, Rue Luxembourg 66, 1000 Brussels.

Since the EU Forest Strategy was adopted in 2013, the challenges for the European Forest Sector have been growing and the EU policy framework and the EU policies affecting forests have strongly evolved. This leads to the need for an improvement in policy coherence in the future.

While acknowledging the recent report from the European Commission on the progress in the implementation of the Forest Strategy, forest stakeholders of the forestry sector would like to initiate a debate with the representatives of the European Commission,  Parliament and Council on the results of this mid-term review and to investigate possible ways forward to strengthen the role of the EU Forest Strategy as a key reference for sustainable forest management in forest-related policy coordination for the next decade and beyond.

Keynote presentations by invited experts, followed by interventions of invited Members of the European Parliament and contributions by forestry stakeholders as well as from the audience will contribute to the discussions.

Following the informal discussions a networking lunch will be offered.

See also the joint statement on the report from the European Commission on progress in the implementation of the Forest Strategy:  “Call for an updated and stronger EU Forest Strategy

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04/02/2019 - 04/02/2019

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