The 2nd Forest Festival: The driving force of the Earth

Cinema San Marco | Bergamo | 11-15 November 2019 | 9.00 pm
Free admission

The Forest Festival comes back this year with its 2nd edition titled “The driving force of the Earth”, organised by Montagna Italia Association.

The Festival is dedicated to knowledge and discoveries of the forests around the world, not only through the cinema, but also through side events related to art, music, presentations, and awards. The festival promotes an international film competition aimed at directors and production companies that include forests as objects in their works.

The 2nd edition’s themes are:

  • Forests of the world (the vast areas of natural vegetation consisting mainly of tall trees)
  • Urban forests (trees and forests that are in and around the ecosystems of urban communities)

The competition aims to talk about forests using visual language, allowing the public to discover forests through images from all over the world.

More information about the event and programme

11/11/2019 - 15/11/2019

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