Forest Europe 4th Think Tank virtual meeting

The next FOREST EUROPE Think Tank meeting is scheduled for Nov. 29, 14:00-17:00 in a Zoom meeting. The agenda is as follows:

1. Welcoming words and adoption of agenda
The meeting will be opened by Thomas Haußmann, Head of the Liaison Unit Bonn. The preliminary agenda will be introduced and adopted.
2. Introduction and summary of FOREST EUROPE activities
Bernhard Wolfslehner will present an overview of relevant policy discussions and ongoing Forest Europe work on SFM incl. the state of SoEF data collection and reporting.
3. Forest biodiversity indicators- outcome of review
Stefanie Linser (BOKU Vienna) will present an analysis of FOREST EUROPE biodiversity indicators and potential next steps.
4. SFM 2.0 – On the future of SFM in Europe
Kit Prins will give a presentation on the findings of a recently published paper on future priorities for SFM.
5. Forest damage reporting – latest results
Michael Köhl will report on the recent results of work on forest damage reporting and provide some thoughts on how to link it to the risk knowledge mechanism.
6. Wrap-up of the day
Bernhard Wolfslehner will provide a summary of the meeting and allow for final comments.
7. Outlook
Bernhard Wolfslehner will give an overview of Think Tank activities and outcomes, an outlook of further steps in the FOREST EUROPE process, and an update on the 9th MC.

The Think Tank is a discussion forum for member state representatives, observers, and experts on keeping SFM fit for the future.

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