SilviLaser 2021 Conference in Vienna

SAVE THE DATE: 28-30/09/2021 in Vienna, Austria

SilviLaser is a biennial conference with a focus on laser-scanning in forestry which will take place

Due to Covid19-regulations, the conference venue was changed from TU Wien to
Marriott Imperial Riding School Renaissance Hotel Vienna.
Conference rooms are already blocked. The hotel offers a special room price for participants and is prepared to accept room bookings.
Compared to the previously planned venue at TU Wien we now have more flexibility in case of changing Covid19 restrictions and you can fully enjoy the hotel convenience. It will take place in a dual-mode: digitally and physically.

Besides some excellent science, the 2021 event will have a distinct focus on the operational applications of LIDAR in forest inventory and mapping.

Benchmarks are planned of terrestrial, personal, mobile and UAV-based LIDAR applications in an operational framework to show and compare cost-efficiency and accuracy of existing devices and solutions.

The benchmarking will take place in cooperation with and on forest areas of the Austrian State Forest ÖBf as a pre-conference excursion on the 27th of September 2021. A post-conference excursion will take place on 1st of October 2021.

UAV LIDAR benchmark either on September 27th or October 1st, depending on weather conditions. TLS and PLS benchmark data acquisition will take place on both excursion days.

We would definitely like to address NFI as well as state forest organizations and invite inventory and mapping specialists to join AND contribute to this event if possible.

Please help us to address the specialists in your member organizations.

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28/09/2021 - 30/09/2021

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