Drought adaptation of forests in Europe

FOREST EUROPE continues to delve into measures that might be taken at regional, national, and international levels to support Europe’s forests to adapt to drought, to unravel the science behind these recommendations, and to provide practical guidance on the measures. This online event will take place on May 17 from 10.00-12.15 CET. 

Relevant topics that will be covered in this second webinar on the topic of drought stress are:

  • A look at the extreme drought event in 2018 in Central-Europe and its devastating impact on beech forests and discuss about recovery from drought stress.
  • Introduction to a decision support tool used in Germany for providing forest owners with science-based choices for future mixed forest stands.
  • A look at the positive effects thinnings have on drought tolerance of forests, minimizing vulnerability to drought of existing forests in the short term.
  • A talk about pine and mistletoe, the latest scientific insights on the parasitic relationship, and measures taken by forest management in Switzerland and Poland.

This webinar is open to everyone interested and is part of the FOREST EUROPE’s “From the roots to the canopy” series, this time organized in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research (WSL).

See the agenda here.

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