PEFC EU Policy Seminar

The Seminar: ‘Re Think SFM’ and better understand the opportunities for forestry and forest-based industries in sustainable finance is organized on 26 September 2019 in Brussels back-to-back with celebration of the 20th anniversary of PEFC.

Session 1: Re Think Sustainable Forest Management

Speakers include: ISEAL on landscape certification, ATIBT on sustainable forest management in the Congo Basin, CEPF on certification and European small-forest holders, PEFC and the new Sustainable Forest Mangement benchmark standard, EFI on climate smart forestry and Université Catholique de Louvain on social representations of forests in Europe.

Session 2: Forestry and Forest-Based Industries in the Sustainable Finance Action Plan

Speakers include: Climate Bond Initiative, Nordea the Nordic Bank, the EU Commission (DG Environment) and the European State Forest Organisations (PPT).

More about the event can be sought under this link.


Holding slides

EC: EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance (Bettina K)

EFI: What is climate smart forestry?

DanskeBank: Green Bonds financing sustainable forestry (Moa Duvhammar)

PEFC: Landscape assurance and sustainability standards

CEPF: Sustainable assurance – Challenges and opportunities for small holders

Ecoacsa: Ecosystem services, natural capital and sustainable finance

Matagne Julie: Challenges related to the social representations of the forest in our urbanized societies

CBI: Finance for forests – Green bonds

Michael Berger: The new PEFC SFM standard

EUSTAFOR's presentation


26/09/2019 - 26/09/2019

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