Webinar: Integrative forest management requires integrative solutions

The European Forestry Institute and Integrate Network will host a webinar on Integrative Forest Management on July 4th 2023. The aim of the webinar is to stimulate a solution-oriented discussion on tested methods and best practice approaches for overcoming silos and integrating the wide range of interests in forest ecosystems. The main questions that will be discussed are:

  • How can we manage our forests in the best way – both beneficial for nature and people?
  • How can we integrate different forest functions and ecosystem services, and address trade-offs in forest management?
  • How can we improve the communication and knowledge exchange between stakeholders who have “skin in the game” and potentially conflicting interests?

During the webinar, multiple panelists will speak and the event will be moderated by Jakob Derks from Wageningen University and Research.

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