[Online Workshop] E-BIND Empowering scientific community “Evidence-based improvements in the BHD implementation”

The workshop will gather a broad range of experts to discuss the potential of a greater engagement of the scientific community for improving the conservation and management of natural resources protected under these Directives.

The event has been designed as an online interactive workshop, and audience participation will be encouraged by the use of polls and open questions.

The main objectives of this event are:

  • Discuss how to encourage involvement of scientific organisations and networks in better implementation of the EU nature directives and policy design
  • Present the online Handbook on practical tools for improving the implementation of the Nature Directives
  • Discuss and share best practices for monitoring, site conservation measures and the involvement of scientific organisations and citizens’ science

During this event the organisers will also present an online handbook on which they propose different practical solutions for improving the application on the field of some of the key elements on the implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives, such as monitoring efforts, access to data, network connectivity or green infrastructure.

This handbook is divided in two focus areas, which you can already consult in the following links:


Event Agenda

05/11/2020 - 06/11/2020

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