Forest management in the regions of the Four Motors for Europe

On 22 October (9.30-11.30 CEST), the Catalan Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda (EUSTAFOR member) organizes an online conference to present good practices, policy advances and lessons learned in the four regions regarding management and prevention of forest degradation, biodiversity conservation and rural development, while sharing the actions that may be already in place to tackle the future challenges of each region.


  • Which strategies have been implemented to ensure the support on rural communities while tackling the main challenges? 
  • What new and innovative forestry and added-value products have been developed? 
  • How have the regions ensured the protection of forests in a changing climate whilst promoting sustainable forestry management to mitigate against climate change? 
  • What innovative forest management strategies have been implemented?  
  • How are European forestry oriented funds used in our regions? 
  • Examples of good practices.

    The program of the event is available here.



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