Shaping a renewable future with fibre-based packaging – Session 1: Sustainable forest management at the heart of the European kraft paper and paper sack industry

From providing a perfect product protection and projecting a brand image, to meeting growing requirements in terms of corporate sustainability targets, the choice of the right packaging becomes increasingly important for producers of dry powdery materials. Our two-part webinar series focuses on the potential that fibre-based packaging offers to them: from the sustainable sourcing practices in Europe to the advantages of the material – for today’s packaging solutions as well as for tomorrow’s optimisations.

We will discuss with our audience why fibre-based materials and solutions are the perfect choice:

  • when you are looking for a packaging solution that caters to all the requirements posed on modern packaging and is sustainably sourced at the same time
  • when you want to use a material with potential for future developments
  • when you are unsure if paper is the right packaging material for you

In the first webinar on 2 December 2022 (11.00-12.00 CET), you will get facts and insights about:

  • what sustainability means and how it connects to the forest industry
  • different approaches of sustainable forest management in Europe
  • legislation and controlling by EU regulations and certification bodies, including country-specific examples
  • what fillers should know when looking for packaging made from sustainably sourced material
  • development of availability of paper today and in the future

Piotr Borkowski, Executive Director of EUSTAFOR will be one of the two speakers.

More information on the webinar series.



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