Incentives for Forest Ecosystem Services in Europe: Connecting science, practice and policy

SINCERE – NOBEL final conference connecting science, practice and policy


This international conference is organised jointly by two European-wide research and innovation projects, SINCERE and NOBEL.

A comprehensive overview of the situation for Forest Ecosystem Services (FES) and related mechanisms in Europe and the related science, practice, business and policy considerations will be presented.

The conference combines the findings and experiences from both projects, based on practical lessons learned from designing and implementing innovative mechanisms for enhancing FES provision, on further developing and upscaling these mechanisms and on supporting related policy development in Europe. The open conference is followed by an exclusive SynPol event to discuss key policy-relevant insights with national and EU-level policy makers.

Research and practice partners, and policy and decision makers are invited to join to discuss FES supply and demand in Europe and beyond.

The full programme is available here.


28/09/2021 - 29/09/2021

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