ThinkForest webinar: Achieving EU Forest Strategy goals


Adopted in 2021, the new Forest Strategy for 2030 for the European Union (EU) led to a renewed drive for forest policymaking in Europe. Its main frame of reference, the European Green Deal, puts forests at the centre of a decarbonized society, to be achieved at the latest by 2050. As well as the need for carbon sequestration, biodiversity protection and forest restoration are also clearly emphasized. While the implementation of the EU Forest Strategy is accompanied by debates around the principle of subsidiarity and competencies for forest policy, until now no systematic scientific assessment has been available which looks at to what extent countries meet these goals.

The Thinkforest event will discuss the following questions:

• How are the Forest Strategy goals met at the national and sub-national levels across different countries?

• How well and to what extent do the national and sub-national forest policies of European countries align with the EU’s goals?

• What are the opportunities and challenges for enhanced implementation?


The speakers and panelists include:

  • Pippa Hackett, Minister of State with responsibility for Land Use and Biodiversity, Ireland
  • Eeva Primmer, Research Director, Professor, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Helga Pülzl, Assistant Director for Policy Support, EFI
  • Janez Potočnik, ThinkForest President
  • Ionut Sorin Baciu, Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment, Waters and forests, Romania

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