BOKU Showcase “The role of Forest Ecosystems in a changing world”

The role of Forest Ecosystems in a changing world

Forest store large amounts of carbon and are important for the global carbon cycle. Without forests the CO2concentration on earth would be 30 % higher as it is today. It is estimated that about 25 to 30 of the world’s current CO2 emission is mitigated by forests, oceans mitigate a similar amount and the rest remains in the atmosphere leading to its continuous increase in the atmospheric CO2 concentration.

Thus forests influence and are affected by global climate change and the protection of forest areas for a sustainable provision of forest ecosystem services, including sustainable timber production, biodiversity carbon storage, etc. is fundamental for the human well-being. These functions and services of forest ecosystems are, however, increasingly under pressure: Climate change alters growing conditions within the life span of a single tree generation and leads to an increase in mortality within Europe’s forests. Disturbances from wildfire, wind, and bark beetles have tripled over the last 40 years, and will continue to increase in the coming decades.

The purpose of the seminar is to introduce the importance of forest ecosystems in a changing world with the following keynotes:

Forests in the context of European policies: EU forest strategy, Paris Agreement and the EU 2030 climate and energy framework – Dan Burgar-Kuzelicki, DG Agri / Dir D Sustainability and income support

The role of forests within the global carbon cycle: Data, Methods and Future developments – Univ. Prof. Dr. Hubert Hasenauer, BOKU

Providing forest ecosystem services in a changing world: Challenges and solutions – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rupert Seidl, BOKU


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07/03/2018 - 07/03/2018

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