Towards a climate neutral Europe – The global contribution of the Swedish forest-based sector

Venue: Radisson Red – Rue d’Idalie 35, 1050 Brussels, Belgium 

The first event of the “Wood be better” network.

The European Green Deal, including a Climate Law setting a target of a climate neutral continent by 2050, will be defining elements of the European policy development during this political semester. To reach climate neutrality, a major transformation of society is needed. This will affect how we live, what we eat, what we wear, how we stay healthy and how we travel.

To reach the target, it is pivotal to give the forest a wider role in climate policy than its capacity to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in forests or forest products . The climate benefit of material substitution, when products from the forest replace fossil-based ones, must be fully recognized.

The event is hosted by Fredrick Federley, Member of European Parliament. Speakers include Artur Runge-Metzger, Director at DG CLIMA and Dr. Peter Holmgren, Founder of Future Vistas Inc.

The network is managed by Swedish Forest Industries and LRF Skogsägarna, i.e. the forest owner branch of the Federation of Swedish Farmers.

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29/01/2020 - 29/01/2020

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