FOREST EUROPE Ukraine initiative: first online workshop

The FOREST EUROPE initiative “Supporting the Ukrainian forests” is based on the Ministerial Decision endorsed at the High-Level Policy Dialogue on 30 August 2022. Subsequently, at the Expert Level Meeting on 31 August, the road map for the Ukraine initiative was adopted. It is common understanding that FOREST EUROPE will facilitate and coordinate the implementation of the Ministerial Decision.

Within this Ukraine initiative we would like to invite designated experts to the first remote workshop we are planning on 7 December 2022 (9.30-15.30 CEST).

At this workshop we would like to:

  • launch the Ukraine initiative network of experts (i.e. get to know the colleagues), its role and future activities of the network
  • discuss the “status quo” report of the current situation of the forest sector in the Ukraine elaborated by LUBo (to be shared before the event)
  • present and discuss the priority list shared by the Ukrainian authorities
  • have a first exchange on the project screening and gap analysis done by LUBo (i.e. what is in place and what is potentially missing)
  • discuss the next steps

Further details and the meeting documents will be provided in due time.

Agenda of the meeting

Responsible for this meeting are Ms. Silvia Abruscato and Ms. Luibov Polyakova. For any questions, please write to



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