Wood Be Better | Sustainable Carbon Cycles: What role for forests?

On 1 June 2022, the Wood Be Better network (Swedish Forest Industries and LRF Skogsärna) will organize a hybrid event focused on the “Sustainable Carbon Cycles: What role for forests?” which will take place in the Brussels Ballroom and it will be possible to follow it on site or by link.

The main aim of the webinar is to discuss the adoption by the European Commission of the Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles, setting out an action plan on how to develop sustainable solutions to increase carbon removals. Among the several initiatives included are rewarding land managers for carbon sequestrations, increasing the share of biobased materials in the construction sector, and incentivizing carbon removals through Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS). The result will be a regulatory framework for the certification of carbon removals.

To participate, fill in the registration form at this link: registration.

For further information, visit the webpage at the link below, where it is also possible to find the agenda of the event.

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01/06/2022 - 01/06/2022

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