The Liaison Unit Bonn (LUBo) is in the preparation phase for the first 2024 edition of the FOREST EUROPE’s Expert Level Meeting (ELM), on 9-10 January in Bonn. This edition is of particular importance, as the zero drafts of the Bonn Ministerial documents will be negotiated.  The 9th Ministerial Conference of FOREST EUROPE will take place on 1-2 October 2024 in Bonn. During this conference the representatives of the European ministeries for forestry will assemble to discuss the policy developments within the European forestry sector. One key goal is to make the Sustainable Forest Management concept fit for the future and to establish a Forest Risk Facility (FoRISK), to address forest risks, like climate change, forest fires, and biodiversity loss.

Following up on the outcomes of FOREST EUROPE’s Expert Level Meeting (ELM) in June, the LUBo has sent out the zero drafts of the Bonn Ministerial documents to all signatories and observers in October.

All FOREST EUROPE signatories and observers are cordially invited to be present in Bonn and to contribute with their impact to improve the Ministerial documents and to take active part in framing the future of the FOREST EUROPE process. The deadline for registration for the ELM in January is 18 December. 

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