EUSTAFOR In The Scope Of Discussions On The Future Of Forestry And Wood Processing In Bosnia & Herzegovina

On 25-26 February 2016 EUSTAFOR’s Executive Director Piotr Borkowski participated in an International Conference: The future of forestry and wood processing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, held in Kupres, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The two-day conference was organized by the newest member of EUSTSAFOR – Sumsko Gospodarsko Drustvo “HERCEGBOSANSKE SUME” – with an ultimate aim to present of the potential of forestry and wood processing sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Southeast Europe.

The main topics discussed concentrated on current market developments and trends in the forestry and wood processing industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the necessary adaptations of existing Bosnian legislation on forest manaKupres_Conference_2016_Websitegement and wood processing industries to the EU standards. Furthermore, aspects related to sustainability of forest management, challenges in the management of private forests, growing energy crops and short rotation coppice to meet increasing demand for biomass, mobilization of low quality wood and residues to meet increasing demands for forest biomass for bioenergy were discussed by around 200 participants from across the country and the entire Balkan sub-region.

In his opening address, Mr Borkowski stated that “it is of particular importance that, in Europe, wood processing remains close to wood harvesting operations and that State Forest Management Organizations are perceived as reliable partners in the wood markets. Today a good policy framework is needed in Europe that supports and guarantees a competitive position of both wood-producing and woodworking sectors”.

The conference also provided good opportunities to present EUSTAFOR to the wider group of state forest managers from other parts of Bosnia & Herzegovina and other Balkan countries, such as Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, etc.

Back to back with the main events of KUPRES 2016 Conference, the Executive Director visited forests managed by HERCEGBOSANSKE ŠUME, 30% of which remain inaccessible due to unrecovered mine fields. Specific sylvicultural systems applied in the management of mountainous forests, challenges related to pest eradication within inaccessible forests as well as aspects related to the adjustment of forest related regulations to EU standards and use of EU funds for implementation of trans-boundry projects were broadly discussed.

Further information about the KUPRES 2016 Conference is available here.
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Published 03/03/2016

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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