The recommendations of the Joint Bioeconomy seminar have been published

Last June, EUSTAFOR organised a joint bioeconomy event together with COPA-Cogeca, CEPF and CEJA, in an effort to re-spark the interest in bioeconomy within the EU and promote this topic in the light of the upcoming 2024 elections. For this event were experts and policy makers from all over Europe invited to discuss the future of the bioeconomy sector. Moderated by Dr. Tessa Avermaete from the university, the speakers discussed different topics in four panels.

The statements and take-away messages from this day of discussions have been bundled to a recommendation letter, which has been presented to the policy makers in the European Institutions. In the upcoming half year we will continue with actively promoting the development of the bioeconomy, using these recommendation as a basis .

Published 14/09/2023, Brussels

Mr. Roberto Stelstra

Communications & Policy Officer

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