EUSTAFOR’s input to the roadmap for the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change

Following the European Commission’s public consultation on the roadmap for the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change, EUSTAFOR has contributed its input to the roadmap.

EUSTAFOR welcomes the European Commission’s initiative to develop an ambitious EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change, as announced in the European Green Deal. In its response, EUSTAFOR addressed the following three components which are relevant for the upcoming Strategy:

  • The importance of forests and the role of sustainable forest management (SFM) for climate change mitigation;
  • The negative effects of climate change on forests;
  • The role of SFM in adapting forests to climate change, thus making them healthy and resilient to the above-mentioned negative climate change effects.

All the above elements are equally important and should be well-balanced to ensure the optimal contribution from forests to solving the climate problem.

Considering the crucial roles of forests and SFM not only for climate change mitigation and adaptation, but also for human health, the economy, and biodiversity, EUSTAFOR strongly believes that EU policies and actions in this area can be most effective and provide the most added value. However, these interventions should be identified within the framework of the EU Forest Strategy, including the proper involvement of experts from the Member States and stakeholders through the Standing Forestry Committee and the Civil Dialogue Group on Forestry and Cork. State Forest Management Organizations, with their knowledge and expertise, can actively contribute to the initiative in assessing how to reinforce the resilience of forests through SFM, including the conservation and enhanced uses of existing genetic resources, as well as restoration, reforestation and afforestation measures. Well-designed EU strategies and financial instruments are needed more than ever. Only healthy and thriving forests can efficiently provide climate-related services.

EUSTAFOR’s input to the roadmap for the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change is also available on the European Commission’s website.

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