Parliament adopts its position on Forest Reproductive Material

This Wednesday, 24 April, the Parliament has voted on the files for Plant and Forest Reproductive Material (PRM & FRM). The latter has direct impact on the forest sector and EUSTAFOR has actively contributed to the legislative process with input. The report has now been adopted as its first reading position with a large majority.

The accepted position proposes cooperation of Member States to secure high quality forest reproductive material, with a labeling system in place to provide transparency about the origins and quality standards. The material must be traceable from collection to marketing.
EUSTAFOR has tabled an amendment to remove contingency plans for Member States. This proposal would require them to have reserves on hand to reforest quickly in case of large scale natural disturbances. EUSTAFOR deems that this is already being taken into account by the operators, and that obligations for Members States will mainly lead to inefficient use of resources. Unfortunately, this amendment has not made the proposal.
A positive amendment that made the report is the mentioning of assisted migration, in the sense that planted FRM does not have to be of local/regional origin if assisted migration is more appropriate.
Also several Eucalyptus, Juglans and other species have been added to the list of approved (commercial) species.

Rapporteur Herbert Dorfmann (EPP, Italy) quotes: “New rules for the production and marketing of plant and forest reproductive material increase efficiency, reduce administrative burden, support innovation, biodiversity and give farmers and forest owners a solid legislation.”

The proposal will now go through a second reading, but the files will be followed up by the new Parliament after the 6 – 9 June European elections. The Council’s Working Party on Genetic Resources and Innovation in Agriculture (Seeds, Propagating and Planting Materials) is scheduled to meet on 7 May 2024.

Published 25/04/2024, Brussels

Mr. Roberto Stelstra

Communications & Policy Officer

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