consultation on the proposal for updated eu forest governance structure still open

On 28 November, the European Commission opened the consultation on the proposal for an updated EU forest governance structure. The feedback period for this consultation is open until 23 February 2024.

The two relevant structures are the Standing Forestry Committee (SFC, founded in 1989) and the Working Group Forest and Nature (2019). EUSTAFOR is only actively involved with the Working Group Forest and Nature, as the SFC is directly attended by member state representatives.

The Commission proposes to update the legal bases and the policy references, to rename the Standing Forestry Committee, and to extend its tasks. The proposed decision would also clarify its membership to ensure that the Member States’ authorities that are competent for the different policy objectives of the New EU Forest Strategy for 2030, including climate, forest health, environment, forestry, rural development and bioeconomy, and any subsequent Union Forest Strategies, are part of this group.

Submit your feedback through the link under Publications.

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