EUSTAFOR Bench Takes up Residence at the Flemish Ministry

The “1-tonne bench” made off 1 m³ solid oak wood, received from its Latvian member LVM on the occasion of EUSTAFOR’s 10th anniversary, has found a new home.

After being displayed for 10 weeks in the core of the European District of Brussels as part of the “Forest City Project”, it has now been relocated to the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Urban Planning of Flanders.  At the Headquarters of Natuurinvest, EUSTAFOR’s Flemish member, it is apparently receiving a lot of interest and appreciation by visitors.

The Flemish Minister of environment Joke Schauvliege (right) and the CEO of the Forestry administration Marleen Evenepoel sitting on one tonne of CO2

Published 29/06/2016, Brussels

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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