How forestry forms the basis for the New European Bauhaus

This week the New European Bauhaus Festival takes place in Brussels, with satellite event all over Europe. This event was organized to promote the New European Bauhaus initiative, which aims at accelerating the transformation of various economic sectors such as construction and textiles in order to provide access to all citizens to goods that are circular and less carbon intensive.

An important element of this is of course the use of forest material as the basis of many products. Therefore, EUSTAFOR is proud to present a new video on how our state forests supply the European bioeconomy with sustainable forest resources. Have a look at our video to see what wood can be used for!

Have a look at our recent press-release on innovation as well to learn more about the versatility of wood and the innovations in forestry.

Published 10/04/2024, Brussels

Mr. Roberto Stelstra

Communications & Policy Officer

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