“Wood is all around you!” and the European Parliament…

EUSTAFOR participated as a strategic partner in the “Forest City Project” which is a campaign to communicate the value of forests, to connect urban societies with green spaces and to encourage people to reconnect with nature by visiting forests.

10 cubes showing large forest Posters infront of the European ParliamentFirst location of the exhibition on the esplanade of the European Parliament building

One main component of the project is a series of 10 large cubes covered with pictures of forests.  The exhibition was first displayed on the esplanade of the European Parliament building for two weeks starting on March 21, the International Day of Forests.  Afterwards the cubes were moved to Square de Meeûs, a very busy park in the European District of Brussels, located only a few steps down the street from the European Forestry House.  They will remain on display there until June 5, the World Environment Day. This highly original exhibit shows not only the beauty of the forest but also its multi-functionality.

Forest_City_Project-minPresent location of the exhibition at Square de Meeûs

A poster “Wood is all around you!” was designed in cooperation with EUSTAFOR’s Communicators Network.  It illustrates a variety of products that are used by people every day and which are derived from wood.  EUSTAFOR’s poster, located at the entrance to the park, is highly visible and is on display next to another EUSTAFOR exhibit.

All the pictures of the “Forest City Project” can be viewed online.

Published 06/04/2016, Brussels

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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