Share your restoration practices to the EU project SUPERB

Are you active in forest restoration or were you part of any restoration actions in the past? Then you have precious knowledge to share! The SUPERB project, in which EUSTAFOR is a subcontractor, is conducting a survey to compile a multidisciplinary knowledge base of practical restoration across Europe that will help them determine what influences success or failure in forest restoration.

The survey is aimed at forest managers, restoration practitioners, and any other stakeholders involved in specific restoration projects. It seeks to understand your general knowledge about forest restoration, restoration actions, and to assess the result of your restoration activities through precise metrics.

Participate in the survey through this link.

The data from the survey, led by SUPERB partner Instituto de Ciencias Forestales (ICIFOR-INA) of CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), will be anonymised and results made publicly available to support forest managers’ decisions and improve future restoration actions.

Forest restoration is understood as any action or project that aims to improve the biodiversity, ecological integrity and provision of services in forest ecosystems, such as rewilding, reforestation, afforestation, remediation, rehabilitation, prestoration (restoration that specifically includes climate change adaptation), or any shift in direction towards a closer-to-nature forest management.

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Published 22/05/2023, Brussels

Ms. Sophie HUGON

Communications Officer

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