SUPERB project visits Europe’s largest planted forests

The second SUPERB General Assembly (24-27 April 2023) took the 36 partners and Advisory Board members on a trip to the Landes forest in Aquitaine, France, to dig out the answer: a definite yes for biodiversity! There, the French SUPERB partners INRAE, IEFC and Alliance Forêts Bois are planting 10 km of hedgerows to protect Maritime pine plantations against windstorm and fire damage and provide corridors for wildlife.

The consortium meeting provided an excellent platform to come together as a collective group, exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and explore opportunities within the project and beyond. The insights and expertise shared during the meeting were truly invaluable and significantly enriched the discussions.

The project team expressed its gratitude for the active engagement during the breakout sessions, group activities, and field visit. The willingness to collaborate and share everyone’s perspectives helped create a productive environment for meaningful dialogue and problem-solving.

The project team has taken note of the actionable points and decisions made during the week and discussed them during the SteCo on Friday. They will diligently work on implementing them and keep everyone informed of the progress made.

Published 09/05/2023, Brussels

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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