The European State Forest Association

The European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) represents state forest companies, enterprises and agencies that have sustainable forest management (SFM) and sustainable wood production as major concerns.

EUSTAFOR currently has 39 members in 27 European countries.


#ResponsibleForestry campaign


How forestry forms the basis for the New European Bauhaus

This week the New European Bauhaus Festival takes place in Brussels, with satellite event all over Europe. This event was organized to promote the New European Bauhaus initiative, which aims at accelerating the transformation of various economic sectors such as construction and textiles in order to provide access to all citizens to goods that are circular and less carbon intensive. An important element of this is of course the use of forest material as the basis of many products. Therefore, E...

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EUSTAFOR position paper: Policy makers urged to respect subsidiarity principle and build on existing forest monitoring systems

EUSTAFOR, as a stakeholder which represents 39 State Forest Management Organizations (SFMOs) across 27 European countries, continuously supports sustainable and multi-purpose management approaches in daily forest operations and promotes research and innovation in the sector. Consequently, an EU-level action to promote application of innovative techniques, such as remote sensing, in forest monitoring, assessment and reporting as well as facilitating cooperation among the Member States in this fie...

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Council and Parliament provisional agreement on EU carbon removals certification framework made available

The Council and Parliament have reached an agreement to establish the first EU carbon removals certification framework. The framework is intended to facilitate and speed up the deployment of high-quality carbon removal and soil emission reduction activities in the EU and includes permanent carbon removals, carbon farming and carbon storage in products. The regulation differentiates between four types of units: permanent carbon removal (storing atmospheric or biogenic carbon for several ...

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EU’s Deforestation Information System is in need of significant improvement!

Today the European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) organized an event, “Practical implementation of the EU Deforestation Regulation in state forests”. The event was very timely as the Commission and Member States’ authorities are working on securing all relevant pre-conditions for the implementation of the Regulation which will be applicable of 30 December 2024. To demonstrate that there is no deforestation occurring on a specific location, operators will be obliged to collect and r...

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