EU Forest-based Industries 2050: A vision for sustainable choices in a climate-friendly future

On 18 November 2019, the European Forest-based industries presented their vision EU Forest-based Industries 2050: a vision for sustainable choices in a climate-friendly future” (FBI Vision 2050) as a response to the European Commission’s 2050 climate neutrality objective. The vision is supported by EUSTAFOR and other partners such as the European forest owners, farmers, parquet industries and agricultural contractors.

FBI vision 2050 explains how the European Forest-based Industries can contribute to the EU Green Deal roadmap for making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 as the most competitive, innovative and sustainable providers of net-zero carbon solutions. Accordingly, five goals were set by involved parties including:

  • Help decarbonise Europe 2050 by substituting critical or CO2-intensive raw materials and fossil energy with forest-based alternatives
  • Eradicate waste in the circular economy by closing material loops with a sector target of at least 90% material collection and 70% recycling rate
  • Drive resource-efficiency in the FBI industrial value chain by enhancing productivity in all areas (including materials, manufacturing and logistics)
  • Meet the increasing demand for raw materials by maximising new secondary streams and ensuring primary raw material supply from sustainably managed forests
  • Satisfy the growing demand for climate-friendly products by increasing the use of wood and wood-based products in our daily lives

Published 18/11/2019

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