New Ways to Value and Market Forest Externalities

NEWFOREX addresses the problems arising from

Many forest services and products in addition to timber like fresh water, recreation and clean air are not marketed though they have a great value for the society. There is also a lack of methods to value these so called externalities and lack of knowledge of beneficiaries. Forest owners are not rewarded for manufacturing these goods and services and hence it may led to a lower production of these products and services than would be optimal for the society.


  • Providing new methods for valuing forest externalities
  • Assessing the cost of producing them
  • Identifying the beneficiaries


The Newforex project aims to provide market based methods for enhancing the provision of forest externalities. These methods can be adapted to different regions, forests and forest externalities, forest owner structures and preferences, and socioeconomic context of the area. Easy accessible Guiding tool for Valuation will be included to the project outcomes.

EUSTAFOR Contribution

EUSTAFOR takes part in the dissemination of the project results. We, together with other stakeholder partners, create a link between research and practice. EUSTAFOR co-chairs the Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) of the projects to ensure a close link to the forest owners. The Stakeholder Advisory Board consists of different stakeholders e.g. representatives from the European Commission. EUSTAFOR also participates in preparation of the Guiding Tool.

Partner organizations

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