HessenForst manages 341.500 hectares of state forest and provides forestry services for an additional 282.000 hectares of municipal and privately owned forests.
HessenForst manages the forests according to the principles of sustainability and seeks to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of environmental, economic and living conditions to the highest degree possible. HessenForst is employer for about 1.900 foresters, forestry workers and administrative staff.
HessenForst bears particular responsibility for forest biodiversity and climate protection. About 44% of Hesse’s state forest are Natura-2000 areas, 10% are natural forest development areas and 5% of wooded land are nature reserves.
The production of raw materials, the promotion of recreational and cultural effects, and education for sustainable development in the forest are additional goals that HessenForst pursues with equal vigor.
100% of timber sold by HessenForst are PEFC-certified and 31% are certified by FSC. Hesse’s state forest disposes of about 73 million m3 with an annual increment of about 2.3 million m3. Each year, HessenForst plants about 4 to 5 million trees.

  • Associated Member
  • Total forest area managed by member: 623 500 ha
  • Total number of: employees: 1 880 people
  • Annual harvest in: 2 000 000 m3

Panoramaweg 1
34131 Kassel

Visit https://www.hessen-forst.de/

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