Hrvatske Šume d.o.o.

“Hrvatske šume”, is a state enterprise responsible for forest and woodland management in the Republic of Croatia, p. o., Zagreb, established in 1991. The company is fully owned by the state, with the Headquarters in Zagreb, with 16 regional forest administrations, 169 regional forest offices and 7255 employees. The area of management is about 2 mill. ha and it includes most diverse ecosystems ranging from the lowland oak forests, beech and fir forests in mountain region to Mediterranean Karst forests. Croatian forestry is committed to sustainable forest management with native species and about 95% of forests are of natural origin.
The mission of the company is to ensure a sustainable and integral management of the state forests on the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia in an environmentally sensible, economically efficient and socially responsible way towards the society in general and the employees of the Company.

  • Associated Member
  • Total forest area managed by member: 2.018.987 ha
  • Total number of: employees: 7.255 people
  • Annual harvest in: 5,032,000 m3

Hrvatske Šume d.o.o.
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